Our Story
Oregon Designed | German Manufactured

Our story begins with a one-of-a-kind, built-to-last canopy system. It continues the moment in which it is deployed, and enjoyed. The result? A perfect place to gather with friends and co-workers. An open HUMBRA is an open invitation to stop on by and take a break. And everything we do is to help you curate those moments and memories. One might even say that HUMBRA is the feeling, or vibe, you get when you enter its spacious shade. Sure, we have a very serious mission. But it’s really all about having a good time. 

We built the FIREFLY for a casual day at the beach. We also built it for the most grueling conditions, in the most in-humane heat imaginable. One FIREFLY. Multiple shelter scenarios. We are obsessed with build quality. Not to mention, how it all comes together and works with your vehicle. Today, we’re redefining the umbrella. Tomorrow, well, the sky's the limit. But no matter what we make, today and tomorrow, it will be built over-the-top. Or it won’t be made.