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Game In Vehicle Awnings

HUMBRA FIREFLY is a versatile, hitch-mounted canopy system that seamlessly connects to your 2” receiver, maximizing your vehicle's utility and protecting you from the elements — anywhere you travel.

Massive 15' x 8' Asymmetric, Cantilever Design

  • 120 sq ft Sun/Rain protection  
  • Rotates 360° and locks at any 90° interval
  • Stows away to 61" x 16" x 10"
  • Weighs 37lbs
  • Telescopic shaft with 5.5" travel
  • Optimized for short-bed pickups 
  • SUV or Jeep compatible
  • On or Off Vehicle Application

Easy Setup

HUMBRA FIREFLY can be fully deployed and packed away in under 90 seconds, without the need of tie-downs or ground stakes for support.

High-Wind Resistance

Tested to withstand wind up to 25 mph, our highly effective 3-point anchor system simplifies setup and ensures HUMBRA FIREFLY remains firmly tethered.


Got a favorite grassy spot or hidden beach nook? HUMBRA FIREFLY isn’t just for your vehicle. With our accessory mounting auger, you can set it up anywhere.

SUV Compatible

HUMBRA FIREFLY is compatible with most SUVs. Larger SUVs, like a Suburban or 4Runner, require a slight hitch extension for full articulation of your rear cargo door. (*Pictured: Chevy Suburban)  

Commercial Grade Construction and Materials

  • 100% Color Stable Acrylic Fabric 
  • 3/4" x 1 1/4" Aluminum Rec Tube Support Ribs 
  • 2.4” Diameter Shaft 
  • 308/316 Stainless Steel and Solid Brass Hardware 
  • Welded Support Brackets and Bolted Connection Points
  • Folding, Channel Locking Arms
  • Tough Cordura Nylon Carry Bag

Great Customer Service

Tom Manning

At the lake after a day of kayaking, so nice to be fully out of the sun. At the county fair, gave us a spacious shaded spot for a picnic. So easy to put up, so easy to take down. Can hardly wait for tailgating this fall.

This is a game changer

Paulette Lowery

This is a game changer! We live in the middle of Georgia,we have not only heat but humidity. We are a small construction company and this easy to set up instant shade is so great and much needed for working in this Georgia 🔥. Worth every cent spent. Thanks for the shade!

Incredibly versatile

Ryan Barbaria

Great product for camping and tailgating in the sun or rain. Amazing company to work with!

Lightweight, yet sturdy

Chris Smith

I can't say enough great things about the Humbra! Lightweight, yet sturdy. Easy to assemble and provides fantastic coverage. We have used it in rain-the water runs right off with no pooling like it does with our instant canopy. We have used it to block out sunshine and it does so amazingly well. This product really has been a game charger and we love it!

Awesome addition for camping

Ray Waters

Great edition for camping and beach time outside. Product is great and the company even better. I highly recommend this company and product.

I love mine.

Garrett Behrens

I love mine. I also was a dummy and didn't transport mine correctly and ruined my canopy. They replaced it right away at no cost to me. Very happy with this customer service!

Excellent product and very fast shipping.

KQ Smith

A clever idea that is very useful for tailgating and other outside activities. Interaction with Kevin and the mgmt team at Humbra has been great!!

This Humbra is FANTASTIC!

Christopher Bayardo

As an outdoorsman, and a sports fan the Humbra is great at the beach, the campsight, the work sight, and the tailgate functions. Easy to install, easy to store, easy to take down. Simply put, this is a homerun!

The Firefly Difference

Where traditional awnings fall short, the Firefly introduces a game-changing approach to vehicle shelter:

  • Pickup & SUV Friendly: Compatible with SUVs and optimized for short-bed pickups. No more feeling left out!
  • No Roof Rack Needed: Setting up the Firefly requires nothing more than your standard 2" receiver. 
  • Simple Setup: Forget about those complex mountings and countless tie-downs; we've streamlined the process.
  • Space Saver: Keeps your vehicle's side space clear and unobstructed. 
  • Robust Engineering: Tough enough to take on wild weather, smart enough to make any outdoor space home.


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Humbra Firefly is a two-component system consisting of a hitch and canopy. It attaches to your vehicle via a standard 2" receiver. For added support and wind resistance, custom suction cups(included) secure the canopy to your vehicle’s roof.

You will not need an extension for nearly every type of pickup and most SUVs.The distance from the hitch pin to the leading edge of the canopy shaft is 24.” Please measure accordingly to determine if your vehicle requires an extension.SUVs with larger hatchbacks, such as a Suburban or 4-Runner will require a 7” extension for full articulation of the rear cargo door.Horizontal swing gates, such as a Jeep Wrangler, require a 12” extension and larger vehicles with horizontal swing gates, such as the new Ford Bronco, require an 18” extension for full clearance.

The canopy compacts to 61" x 16" x 10" and weighs 37 lbs, including the telescopic shaft. The hitch is a fixed weldment measuring 29" x 16" x 2" and weighs 12 lbs. The telescopic suction cups have a diameter of 3.5" with an arm that extends from 9" to 12.5" when fully extended.

The Firefly offers a vertical adjustment of 5.5”, allowing it to clear most camper shells. When opened, the distance from the top of the horizontal tube (in the receiver) to the shuttle plate (on the umbrella mast) is 56”. The distance from the top of the horizontal tube to the canopy’s perimeter is 60”. An additional 5.5” can be added to these measurements at user’s discretion. Please measure accordingly to ensure compatibility with your vehicle.

We will be delivering our first batch of inventory to customers in July 2024, followed by additional shipments via air freight in August and September. Rest assured, we're diligently working to get your Firefly to you as soon as possible, with quality and timely delivery as our top priorities.

While setup can typically be performed by one person; for some individuals, the installation of the canopy into the hitch can be difficult. In such instances, the installation should be carried out by two adults. The area around the installation should be clear of persons and/or property to avoid injury or damage.

Yes, the Firefly has been tested to withstand gusts of up to 25+ mph when secured with the included suction cups. When rotated 180 degrees to the rear of the vehicle (without suction cups), it can handle gusts up to 18 mph. It features durable materials and a stable anchor system to ensure stability in windy conditions.

Yes, the Firefly’s ribs are engineered with bolted connection points instead of the riveted connections commonly found in most umbrellas. If a rib gets damaged, you can easily remove it by unscrewing just two bolts. Contact us and we will be happy to send you a replacement part at cost.

The Firefly is made of premium materials featuring robust aluminum framing, commercial-grade acrylic fabric, and 308 stainless-steel hardware - ensuring superior water, UV, and corrosion resistance.

No, we do not sell the system separately. Although if you need a replacement part (after purchasing the Humbra system) we would be happy to accommodate you.

Although we can’t say our canopy is 100% waterproof, our 100% acrylic fabric is extremely water resistant and will keep you dry even in an extended downpour.

Yes, the textile is attached to the frame using just 5 socket head screws (at the end of each support rib) and 5 clips at the top of the mast. To remove the textile, follow these steps:

  1. Place the frame in the "half-cock" position.
  2. Unbolt the socket screws.
  3. Close the umbrella to the stowed or pack position to release tension on the fabric.
  4. Undo the clips from the top plate.
  5. Peel the fabric directly upward to remove it.

To reapply the textile, simply reverse these steps.

No, recent design changes have improved compatibility with pickups and SUVs by positioning the canopy closer to the vehicle roof. However, these changes have made the current telescopic shaft unsuitable for vans due to height restrictions. We will be offering a longer shaft for van applications in the near future - which will be compatible with any previous model.

Our hitch comes with a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring it will be free from manufacturing defects and will not crack, bend, or break when used as intended.
The Firefly canopy/umbrella is covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. For high usage, we recommend periodically checking and tightening the bolt connections. If you encounter any manufacturing defects, we will take care of you.

The Firefly offers superior versatility, ease of use, wind resistance, durability and style, making it a more long term solution for both recreational and commercial use. It's an investment in quality and functionality, backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

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